Love and mourning for Lena Dunham’s “Girls”

The TV series “Girls” is consuming my life. Period.

Since I watched its phenomenal last season, I’ve been in such a state of mourning it’s been difficult even to work (not to write, though. Writing is fine).

For the first time ever, I’m rewatching an entire series. Season one to season six. Sixty-two episodes, bingewatching day by day. Never done this before!

Such an incredible series, really. I won’t be specific about its merits (or its genius) here, because I have no patience for writing an essay right now. All you need to know is that there is a strong reason I recommended it on my website: it’s just so fan-f#cking-tastic!

Jesus, I love those girls. I love this series. Just… marvelous.

And sad. Marvelously sad. Gut renching in its finale.

But wonderful. And I’ll never regret having experienced it. 🙂


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